My Yoga Journey

I am a Power, Sculpt, and Restorative yoga instructor from Roxbury Township, NJ. I grew up up in Flanders, NJ and graduated from Mt. Olive High School in 2005. I studied Voice and Music Education at Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University and graduated in 2009. Before teaching yoga, I taught choir and other music classes in Newark, NJ and in Randolph, NJ. I was also director of a church choir in Randolph.

I originally came to yoga for the unique workout. I was a runner, but I had a bad knee from a torn ACL in high school Although I had had surgery a decade before, it still bothered me, so I was looking for something that would challenge me but not aggravate my injury. I decided to try yoga with some friends at a brewery in Vermont when on a 30th birthday celebration weekend. I had learned sun Salutations from my sister when I was in middle school, but as that was the only thing I knew about yoga, it wasn’t an easy class- but I loved it! I knew I had found the challenge I was looking for. 

After that, my husband and I started to take yoga classes at our gym every Saturday and Sunday. I left every class feeling not only that I had worked out, but also renewed. It helped me to deal with the stresses of teaching. It was a source of strength throughout my pregnancy (and labor) as well as a way to decompress as a new mom.

After 3 years of taking classes, I knew that I needed to share this amazing gift with other people. I decided to take my love of yoga to the next level and enrolled in New Jersey Yoga Teacher Training at Indigo Yoga Studio in Caldwell, NJ. During my time there I learned that yoga is so much more than just a workout. I learned why I always felt so good after a yoga class, something I didn’t necessarily feel after other kinds of exercise. Yoga is a journey to self-awareness that really does connect the mind, body, and spirit. It’s amazing being able to share my passion for yoga with others.  

My Training

Indigo Yoga Studio Caldwell, NJ

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My Classes

I endeavor to guide my students away from preconceived notions they may have about their flexibility and strength toward a self-compassion that allows them to accept themselves as they are, while still striving to meet their goals.

The styles I teach are primarily Power, Sculpt, and Restorative however, I am also certified to teach Prenatal Yoga.