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Do I Have to Say Namaste?

I always close my classes with “Namaste” and bow to my students.  It’s a very common way to seal a yoga class, so I usually don’t think there’s anything concerning about it.   Until recently.  You see, I usually teach at a gym.  As such, the physical aspect of yoga is the only aspect that
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How to Get a Yoga Body

If you search google for “how to get a yoga body,” you’ll likely come up with several articles listing specific poses to get you that “yoga body.” They’ll detail the poses for the toned stomach and the round, lifted booty, the sculpted arms and legs, etc.   This is not one of those articles. Disclaimer:
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What My Concussion Taught Me About Yoga

“Practice in the body you have today.” It’s a phrase I say over and over to my students, but I’ve really had to listen to my own advice recently. About 2 months ago, I got a concussion while playing with my toddler. My thought processes were affected, as expected. What I didn’t expect was that
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Wait- Isn’t Yoga a Religion?

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I have heard the question of whether or not yoga is a religion many times.  In fact, the first time I heard of it when I was a in middle school, I thought that it was.  The ritualistic nature of chanting "om" and the closure with "namaste" as well as some of the symbols associated with yoga leads people to believe that yoga is religious. It can be very off-putting for many, from the very secular to, especially, those who are devout in their own religion.

The answer to the question is this:  While yoga began as a "religious" practice, the history of yoga proves an evolution of diverging paths. Therefore,  Yoga is a very spiritual practice AND it isn't.
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