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Strength and Ease

Yoga is more than just what we do on our mats. 



To practice yoga is to live with intention. The mindfulness yoga teaches allows us to practice self-compassion. Practicing Yoga teaches us to feel our own strength.  It teaches us to be at ease with what and who we are in this exact moment. It guides us toward contentment. 

Don’t fret if this does not describe you, right now.  That is why we practice yoga. Every time we come to our mats, it is a new beginning.  A new chance to try. That’s why we call it a “yoga practice,” not a “yoga perfect.”

“The first step of yoga is to learn to see yourself in others- and to respect, to be reverent, and be compassionate to all beings.”

Sri Dharma Mittra


Every body has a yoga body.  Let’s discover yours!


Nearly every pose in yoga lengthens one if not more muscles of the body. Through active and static stretching, muscle flexibility and extensibility are increase.


Sustaining poses requires holding isometric contractions which increase muscle strength and muscular endurance.


Continuously linked poses in the Vinyasa style plus YogaShred Inspired Workouts increase the heart rate for an aerobic challenge.

achieving your goals- Private Sessions

​Getting in shape forces you to face your biggest challenges, and sticking to a regular routine for a long period of time. Private yoga sessions will make sure you know how to focus on the right poses and sequences to reach your goals. 

achieving your goals- Self Guided

If you’re more of a do-it-yourself-er, my library of recorded workouts is the way to go.

These 20-60 minute yoga workouts will improve your strength, flexibility, and cardio fitness regardless of your current level or yoga ability.

Each workout provides modifications and variations to make the workouts accessible.

What my clients say

I had the privilege of taking several stretch classes with Megan over the past few weeks. I found Megan to be knowledgeable about stretching and presented her class in a professional manner. I think she does an excellent job of judging the ability levels of the class participants and tailors the sessions accordingly. I always felt that I was being challenged, but never at risk of injury I found her classes helped me with some of the lower back issues I was experiencing at the time, and my overall flexibility. In a very short time, participation at her classes increased based on positive word of mouth feedback given by those who were taking her classes. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes given by Megan, and would highly recommend taking a stretch class or Yoga class from her.

Tom P.

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