Grounding Meditation

Begin in a comfortable position.

Close your eyes if that is available to you, or keep them downcast on the floor in front of you.

Notice how your body feels. How does it feel to be here, right in this moment?

Observe without judgement or shame.

Just take notice of the breath for a minute. Allow the breath to be what it is, whether that be short, shallow, long, or deep.

— breathe for that 1 minute—

Notice if there is more space for the breath in the body. Give yourself permission to take more air.

For the next 3 breaths, allow it to deepen, exploring all the space and capacity your have for it and gently let it go.

With every breath, allow yourself time to slowly inhale and exhale- making the most of each.

—allow those 3 breaths—

Notice all the places your body is in contact with the floor, with each exhale, you’ll imagine growing roots, slowly, down into the earth.

Inhaling, filling the belly, the rib cage, breathing into the widest parts of the shoulder, across the collarbones, allowing the back to expand, draw up through crown of the head.

Exhale, feel all the places that your body is in contact with the floor and imagine roots growing from your body down into it.

Inhale, again, drawing up through crown of the head, breathing into the widest parts of the shoulder, across the collarbones. Allowing the chest, belly, and back to expand. Begin to allow yourself to fill more space surrounding where you are seated.

Exhale, allow the muscles and bones to soften, imaging those root growing down into the subfloor.

Inhale, drawing the air to the bottom of the belly, into the back expanding the rib cage and across the chest and collarbones, up to the crown of the head. Allow yourself to fill up more of the space around you.

Exhale, imagining those roots growing down into the foundation.

Inhaling, filling as slowly, deeply, and fully as before. Give yourself permission to be as big as the room. You are worthy of every inch of space you occupy. Every inch of space your breath fills.

Exhale, this time the roots are growing down into the soil.

Inhaling, filling as slowly, deeply, and fully as before. Allow yourself to fill up the building you are in.

Exhale, the roots growing deep into the ground.

Inhaling, filling completely. Give yourself permission to expand above the building.

Exhale, allow the earth to take more of your weight.


Take notice of how you feel, rooted deeply down to rise so high.

With each breath, slowly, incrementally allow yourself to return to the spot you where your physical body rests.

—allow several breaths—

Begin to make small movements with your fingers and toes, rolling the head slightly from side to side, gently rolling the shoudlers; bringing awareness back to your body.

Begin to take notice of the sounds around you.

Notice the feel of the air on your skin; notice the texture of your clothes.

Take notice of how you feel right now, in this exact moment.

Notice if the breath or the body feels any different. Allow yourself to stay in this present moment.

Bring your hands to your heart and say to yourself:

“I Am.”

“I Am.”

“I Am.”

Remain here as long as you feel necessary before blinking open your eyes to close your practice.