Private Yoga Instruction- Roxbury, NJ

Strength and Ease

Yoga means Unity.

Yoga is for every body, but sometimes yoga spaces can feel less than welcoming for those of us who exist outside the cis-heteronormative box. As a member of the LGBTQIA2+ community, I endeavor to create a safe and welcoming space for people of all gender identities and orientations, where your identity, pronouns, and gender expression are respected.

Yoga is more than just what we do on our mats. 

To practice yoga is to live with intention. The mindfulness yoga teaches allows us to practice self-compassion. Practicing Yoga teaches us to feel our own strength.  It teaches us to be at ease with what and who we are in this exact moment. It guides us toward contentment. 

Don’t fret if this does not describe you, right now.  That is why we practice yoga. Every time we come to our mats, it is a new beginning.  A new chance to try. That’s why we call it a “yoga practice,” not a “yoga perfect.”

“The first step of yoga is to learn to see yourself in others- and to respect, to be reverent, and be compassionate to all beings.”
Sri Dharma Mittra

What my clients say

I had the privilege of taking several stretch classes with Megan over the past few weeks. I found Megan to be knowledgeable about stretching and presented [their] class in a professional manner. I think [they do] an excellent job of judging the ability levels of the class participants and tailors the sessions accordingly. I always felt that I was being challenged, but never at risk of injury I found [their] classes helped me with some of the lower back issues I was experiencing at the time, and my overall flexibility. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes given by Megan, and would highly recommend taking a stretch class or yoga class from [them].

Tom P.